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What is Nucleonica?

Nucleonica is the leading online resource in the nuclear sciences

Nucleonica is the leading nuclear science applications platform for web-based calculations. It is used by thousands of science and engineering professionals in the energy, research, healthcare, defense, and education industries in more than 92 countries. In particular it is used in the following areas:

  • health physics and radiation protection
  • decommissioning and waste characterization
  • nuclear security, safeguards and forensics
  • nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals
  • environmental radioactivity & radioecology
  • packaging classification for radioactive transports
  • education and training

Decay Engine++

Decay Engine

Decay Engine++ is an application for investigating the radioactive decay of nuclides and nuclide mixtures. It is based on a highly efficient algorithm for the exact mathematical solution to the Bateman equations.

  • Two main modes of operation: In the Time mode, the activity is calculated after a given time. In the Date mode, the activity at a known time/date is calculated at any other time/date using a calendar function and universal time.
  • A rescale feature allows the results of calculation at any time (mass, activity, etc.) to be rescaled to any other values thereby avoiding time consuming iterations.
  • Data output in the form of scientific graphs and data grids has been optimized to enable immediate data re-arrangement on the client browser.

Dosimetry & Shielding H*(10)

Dosimetry & Shielding H*(10) is an application for the calculation of dose rates and integrated doses from point source of nuclides and nuclide mixtures.

  • Four modes of operation allow users to calculate gamma dose rates, shield thicknesses, source strengths, and distances depending on the type of calculation required.
  • The list of calculated quantities includes air kerma rates, exposure rates, and ambient dose equivalent rates H*(10) for narrow collimated and broad uncollimated beams.
  • Approximately 1500 gamma and x-ray emitting radionuclides: the underlying data used in the calculations can be selected from a list of international nuclear datafiles.

Nuclide Datasheets++

Nuclide Explorer

Nuclide Datasheets++ is a tool to display and compare nuclear data

  • Nuclear data from different databases (JEFF3.1, ENDF/B-VII.1, 8th TORI, Nubase 2012, etc.) can be compared easily in both graphical and tabular form. The data in the tables can be rearranged in ascending / descending order.
  • The displayed nuclear data is sub-divided into Reference Data, Radiations (shown), Derived Data, Cross-Sections, etc.
  • All radiations (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.) from a particular radionuclide can be seen in a single graph and table, colour coded based on the type of radiation. Using filters, data for a single type of radiation (e.g. gammas) can be shown in the graphs/tables.

Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart Online (KNCO++)

KNCO++ is an application for displaying the latest and updated experimental data for nuclide ground states and isomers.

  • The regularly updated KNCO++ is the online version of the paper-based Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart.
  • The application allows for fast search and navigation through almost 4000 ground states and isomers in the Chart and provides structured information on half-lives, decay modes and energies of emitted radiations.
  • Decay Schemes are provided for selected nuclides to assist in the interpretation of the nuclide data in the Chart.
Nuclide Explorer

Additional Applications

Nuclide Mixtures

Nucleonica’s “trump card” allows the user to create nuclides mixtures containing many nuclides.Following selection of a nuclide and inserting the activity, mass, etc., the nuclide is then added to the mixture. Calculations can then be performed with mixtures in the same was as for single nuclides.

Gamma Spectrum Generator/Pro

The Gamma Spectrum Generator is an interactive web-accessible application which can be used to simulate the gamma spectrum of radioactive substances. The simulator presents an efficient visual teaching aid that is especially useful in training facilities, which have restrictions on the use of radioactive substances, or when sources of special interest (e.g. spent fuel, enriched U, weapon grade Pu or other highly radiotoxic materials) are not readily available.

Range & Stopping Power

The Range & Stopping Power application calculates the stopping powers, projected ranges, and Bragg curves of almost all projectiles (electrons, muons and positrons and ions) in various target materials (mono-elements up to uranium, pre-defined compounds, user-defined compounds). Extensive validation of the application is described.

Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart

We offer a variety of “offline” educational products, with the most prominent being the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart. You can order the latest 10th Edition of the Chart now! Please click here: Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart.

Nuclide Search / Radiation Search

The Nuclide Search / Radiation Search application in Nucleonica can be used to search the latest internationally evaluated nuclear data. Nucleonica has created relational databases using the international evaluated European and US nuclear datafiles. These relational databases allow for very fast and user friendly searches.


We offer a range of technical training courses on the various Nucleonica scientific applications and tools. The emphasis is on interactive hands-on learning using the Nucleonica suite of powerful and versatile web-based applications with examples, exercises and dedicated case studies. If you would like to enquire about a dedicated training course for your organization, please contact us.

Nucleonica Pricing

Basic access to Nucleonica is free of charge but is restricted to 7 nuclides upon sign up. To access all nuclides and applications see our Premium packages below.

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Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart Online (KNCO++)

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We also offer discounted multi-user and institutional premium licence rates. For further information on these rates & versions, please contact us at info@nucleonica.com.

Trusted by Nuclear Scientists

Nucleonica is trusted by thousands of science and engineering professionals in the energy, research, healthcare, defense, and education industries in 92+ countries.


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